GraviTrax The Game: Impact


With the GraviTrax The Game Impact, children aged 8 and up can experience creative puzzle fun. How does the ball get from start to the destination, if only 4 height stones, 3 curves and 2 rails are available to build the railway? 30 task cards indicate the starting and target point of the track to be built. When the ball rolls at the end from the start to the target and all parts are installed, the puzzle is solved.

Hexagonal base plates, which can be placed variably together allow for tricky and varied puzzle fun with the interactive marble track system. At GraviTrax, building fun has a free way.

The GraviTrax marble run system can be infinitely enlarged by extensions, which guarantees unlimited building and fun. By designing the ball tracks freely and exploring the rolling and flight behaviour of the balls, the understanding of science is sharpened and gravity is experienced. The STEM sign on our products signals a game category with which science is playfully experienced. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) 

No starter set is required to solve the varied tasks and all parts can be easily integrated into the GraviTrax world.

  • Recommended for ages 8 years+.