A Weekend Trip


A diverse cast of charming characters take a trip to a beachside resort and offer hours of entertainment for young readers everywhere.

There are endless ways to enjoy a vacation on this island where folks of all ages, races, cultures, and abilities gather for a weekend of fun. Young readers will spend hours poring over the delightfully detailed and brightly colored spreads that follow families as they pack their bags; travel by car, train, bike and bus; arrive at hotels, campsites, and cottages; and take part in all kinds of activities—swimming, picnicking, fishing, boating, reading and more. A sudden rain shower drives everyone into the village and in the evening, they go out for dinner or barbecue.
There’s a lot to unpack and explore in Cynthia Cliff’s lively paintings that show that fun means something different for every family.

  • Recommended for ages 2-5 years.
  • Hardcover.