Learning Resources Sensory Trio Fidget Tubes


Explore the sights, sounds, and textures of these flippable sensory fidget tubes! Kids build essential fine motor and sensory skills every time they fidget with the Sensory Trio Fidget Tubes from Learning Resources. Each sensory tube in this fidget toy pack engages a different sense through fun hands-on play—listen to falling beads as they tumble down the tube, watch the swirl of glitter to spot the hidden smiley faces, or feel the weight of falling sand as it cascades from one end to the other. The sensory fun doesn’t stop there—features including a twist-and-click and fun grabbable textures ensure that kids stay engaged while they build sensory and fine motor skills. Sized just right for little hands, the Sensory Trio Fidget Tubes are ready for fidget fun at home or on the go—keep these kids’ sensory toys in the play room for breaks, or stash them in the car for on-the-road fidgeting! From sensory bin essentials to fun ways to fidget, award-winning educational toys from Learning Resources engage kids’ hands, brains, and senses through screen-free, hands-on play.

  • Recommended for ages 3 years+.