Creativity for Kids Sensory Pack Princess


Welcome to a world of sensory exploration and imaginative play! Engage in cognitive development and boost creative confidence through sensory play. Sensory Packs offer a mess-free sensory experience that are ideal for toddlers and enjoyable for everyone.

With Sensory Pack Princess and princess-themed components, toddlers will engage the senses and build fine motor skills, as they explore all of the textures, colors and shapes. This sensory play activity features two colors of super-soft, lightweight, stretchy cloud clay, offering endless squishing, stretching, stamping, and molding fun. Cloud clay is perfect for little hands, remaining pliable and never drying out. Plus, sparkly star wand, colorful "crystal" gems, princess figurine and other intriguing enchanted objects, enhance the sensory experience, adding an extra layer of excitement.

  • Recommended for ages 3 years+.