Creativity for Kids Squeegeez Magic Reveal Art Butterfly


Paint, uncover, and reveal beautiful magical butterfly images with the Creativity for Kids Squeegeez Magic Reveal Art Kit. The unique craft for girls and boys ages 7-12+ is a creative, hands-on abstract dot art painting activity. You get to dot the paint, squeegee, and reveal 3 graceful butterfly surprise images! Create mesmerizing art with resist effects by adding holographic stickers to the paper before you add the paint. Once the paint dries, you can peel the stickers off and see unique designs left behind from the stickers! The complete arts and crafts for girls and boys ages 8-12+ include 3 magic reveal designs, 5 tubes of acrylic washable paint, 1 squeegee tool, 4 pieces of cardstock, 10 sheets of practice paper, sticky tack, and holographic stickers. Kids can use the squeegee in various ways to create unique art designs, such as zig-zag, rainbow, and swirl methods, creating textures and effects in their artwork! If you have any leftover paint you can dot it on your cardstock or your practice paper for even more art fun! 

  • Recommended for ages 7 years+.