Ravensburger Puzzle Competition

Show your passion for puzzles by joining us for our annual Ravensburger Puzzle Competition!

Date: Sunday, February 25, 2024
Time: 1-4PM
Location: The Rocking Horse (193 Princess Street, Kingston ON)
Cost: $25 (All proceeds going to Kingston's Inclusive Play Project)

Competition Rules & Regulations

1. Teams of up to 3 people compete to complete a 500 piece puzzle.
2. All teams will be provided the same puzzle (the puzzle will be concealed until the competition begins).
3. The first three teams to finish their puzzle will win prizes.


First Place: Each team member can pick out a 1000 Piece Puzzle.
Second Place: Each team member can pick out a 500 Piece Puzzle.
Third Place: The team will choose one 1-1000 Piece Puzzle.

Team Spirit Award: The team will choose one 1-1000 Piece Puzzle.
The Team Spirit Award is a special recognition given to the team that embodies the true essence of collaboration, encouragement, and positive energy throughout the puzzle-solving extravaganza. While participation in the Team Spirit Award is optional, we strongly encourage teams to unleash their creativity and unite in the name of fun!

How to Win the Team Spirit Award:
1. Creativity and Unity: Showcase your team's unique identity through matching outfits, team colors, or even a catchy team name. Let your creativity flow and make your presence known!
2. Cheer and Support: Spread the love! Whether a team is on the brink of solving a mind-bending puzzle or experiencing a delightful 'aha' moment, lend your cheers and applause to create an atmosphere of shared success.
3. Team Chants and Cheers: Craft a team chant or cheer that echoes the spirit of your team. The more energetic and infectious, the better!

Please sign up using the registration form below or by giving us a call at 613-548-4222 during business hours. Thank you!