NHL Battle Cubes 2 Pack Montreal vs Toronto

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THE MONTREAL CANADIENS VS TORONTO MAPLE NHL Battle Cubes is a collectible pocket-sized battle game. In this NHL series, there are 12 different character cubes to collect. This set offers you the Montreal Canadiens & Toronto Maple cubes along with 2 trading cards! This game utilizes rock, paper, scissors strategies for gameplay. Open up your cube, select your SECRET ATTACK STRATEGY, set your cube in BATTLE MODE, and slide your cube against your opponents. The loser gets captured and the winner gets the card! Trade them, win by playing, and exchange tokens with your friends to complete the puzzle faster! Download the complimentary app and unlock for exclusive content using your unique code from your instructions. INCLUDES: 2 NHL Battle Cubes (Montreal Canadiens & Toronto Maple), 2 cards, and instructions.

  • Recommended for ages 5 years+.