Science to the Max Regrow Lab


The Science To The Max range is all about teaching children the wonders of the world of science, but at the same time making sure that they have a fun time. As this is the Regrow Lab, this is all about teaching children about sustainability “don’t throw it, regrow it” is what the slogan for this set is. The idea is that children will be able to grow all kinds of tasty food from the “leftovers” that are normally tossed into the bin. From strawberries to leaks, this set will teach them all the basics that they need to know to grow their own sustainable food!

What makes this Science To The Max - Regrow Lab such a great set is that this is a very useful skill for a child to learn. It will help them develop a better appreciation for the environment and it will make them feel good knowing that they are doing their own little bit to help the planet. The set comes with a fun regrow station that features many different pieces of equipment (18 in total) that will help them get the best out of that regrow station.

  • Recommended for ages 8 years+.