Telestrations the Telephone Game


Telestrations combines the best of Pictionary and the old game of Telephone. If you’ve played either one, you’ll love Telestrations! So what is Telestrations? Telestrations is the visual equivalent of the classic school-yard game “telephone.” It’s a fun-filled sketching game in which everyone’s attempts at “art” can turn hilarious. The game starts with a secret word that is passed from player to player. As the word is sketched, interpreted, and then sketched again, it undergoes a visual transformation that will surprise and delight everyone. But don’t get intimidated – no drawing skills are required! Stick figures & sense of humor are better than any masterpiece!

Each game of Telestrations comes with over 1,700 words, 8 erasable sketch books, 8 dry erase markers, and 8 clean-up cloths, for mess-free fun.

  • Recommended for ages 13 years+.