Corolle Bébé Calin Marguerite Blossom Winter Doll


Bébé Calin Marguerite Winter Sparkle is a 12-inch baby doll that is perfectly sized to be cradled in a young child's arms and is ideal for hugging and cuddling.
Its soft body allows it to take on the same positions as a real baby, and its brown sleepy eyes close when it's put down for a nap or at bedtime, also like a real baby.

The doll's face, arms and legs are made of soft vinyl that is delicately scented with vanilla, a Corolle signature.
Bébé Calin Marguerite Winter Sparkle is dressed in a charming blue dress with a matching cap and is part of the mon premier poupon Corolle collection of dolls, clothing and accessories for early nurturing time.

  • Recommended for ages 18 months+.
  • Product number 100500.