Creativity for Kids Fold & Launch Paper Airplanes


Ready, set, LAUNCH! Fold and decorate your own paper airplanes that you can fling across the room, lawn, or runway with included paper launchers!

Fly fast, fly far! Propel your paper airplanes across the room with a sturdy cardstock and rubber band launcher. Simply place airplane on the launcher and release the rubber band to fling your paper airplane across the room

Fold, detail and launch 80 planes! Kit comes with paper in a variety of different patterns and sizes. Bonus 6 special patterned paper sheets allow crafters to create a dragon, butterfly, bird, rocket, rainbow and meteor looking plane

Learn a new crafting technique with the paper airplanes for kids kit! Step-by-step instructions and online video will teach beginners the art of paper folding to create 5 different types of paper airplanes.

  • Recommended for ages 6 years+.