Crayola Washable Pop & Paint Watercolour Palette


The Crayola Pop & Paint Watercolor Palette makes painting less messy and clean up a breeze! Each of the included 8 colors are printed on 96 disposable Watercolor Chips. Just pop out the chips, place them in the palette and use the Refillable Water Brush to activate the paint on each chip and you’re ready to create! Simply discard used chips and pop in new ones as needed. No spilling paint or cups of water and colors are washable from skin and fabric. Create wherever you go! The reusable palette comes with a handy sponge to help clean your brush between colors and trap excess water. Features 96 Disposable Paint Chips, a Refillable Water Brush, Cleaning Sponge, and Reusable Paint Palette.

  • Recommended for ages 4 years+.