Product Spotlight

Product Spotlight

Product Spotlight


Here at The Rocking Horse we are proud of the products we carry. One of our favourite brands is Schleich (sh-like)! A German brand with exquisite detail.

Imagination at work. Schleich is the perfect toy that allows for endless fun. Your kiddos will spend hours creating new worlds for these timeless characters to explore, you may even find yourself asking to join. 

A Schleich toy in a child's hand is an invitation into stories untold. No scripts, no limits, no rules. There are always more stories to be told.

With new and exciting releases throughout the year, there is something for everyone!

                     Jump into the whimsical world of BAYALA

A world full of fairies and magical creatures.

            a group of small animals

Stormy Unicorn Foal                               Axolotl Discovery


Get lost in the battles of ELDRADOR.

Who will win the super weapon and rule them all?

Shadow Bat                              Battle Rhino


Discover the Wizarding World Of HARRY POTTER.

Encounter the magic and experience exciting adventures.

 Harry Potter                                       Dobby


Conquer the World with DINOSAURS.

Join these prehistoric giants in their fight!

                  Concavenator                               Tyrannosaurus Rex 


Explore the WILD LIFE animals.

Jungle, Forest or Savanna - adventure starts here!


American Black Bear                  Hawskbill Sea Turtle 


 There's always something afoot in FARM WORLD.

Barnyard stories begin here.


                                                                         Jersey Cow                           Angora Goat


Saddle up with friends at the HORSE CLUB.

 It's all about friendship and the love of riding.


          Friesian Stallion                          Norwegian Fjord Mare 


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PSST...enjoy printable colouring sheets

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