Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Meet The Team


Monica has been experiencing the magic of working in a toy store since being hired at the original The Rocking Horse in Owen Sound.  She moved to Kingston in 2001 to follow her dream of a toy store of her own!  Many years have past but she still enjoys the wonder and magic that a toy store brings to the young and young at heart.
Family means the world to Monica!  Emily and James often help out with special events at the store and share their Momma's love for Playmobil and LEGO. 

Monica's favourite picks...

             CLIXO Crew Pack        Djeco Silhouette Puzzle    Moulin Roty Kaleidoscope



Monica is the ultimate kid at heart! Working at the Rocking Horse off and on for eight years! Monica's little family consists of her, her partner Sam, their dog Walter and their two cats, Marvin and Steve.

 Monica can be found regularly buying, looking at or talking about Lego!

Monica's favourite picks...


Cupcake Party                 Pip The Cat                      DIY Candy Jar



Sarah is a dedicated mom and toy enthusiast. Sarah has four kids ranging from 11 years to 21 years old. Her youngest has special needs and her oldest has blessed her with a grandbaby, while the others are working hard in high school and university.

You will hear Sarah's music style when you come into the store. She has injected a 90's flavour into our playlist here at the store.

Sarah' favourite picks...


                                            Story Projector                     Lego Up House            Micro Adult Scooter



Laura is the newest member to The Rocking Horse Team. She is the proud sister of a big brother and two little sisters. She loves all relaxing individual games: puzzles, crafts, reading, etc. And she has a 11 year old puppy named Coco that she spends most of her time talking about.

You'll always see Laura with a smile on her face and a willingness to help.

Laura's favourite Picks...

                                        Playmobile Dollhouse          Mermaid Tail              Tuscan Oasis Puzzle



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